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We have put this page together to pin point links that we use often in our professional development, which also have great information for parents/carers too. 


Birth To Five Matters

Birth to 5 Matters provides comprehensive guidance, drawing on previous guidance for the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) which has been updated in order to reflect recent research, to meet the needs of practitioners, to respond to current issues in society, to meet the needs of children today and to lay a strong foundation for their futures.

Birth To 5 Matters – Guidance by the sector, for the sector

Development Matters

Development Matters is for all early years practitioners, for childminders and staff in nurseries, nursery schools, and nursery and reception classes in school. It offers a top-level view of how children develop and learn. It can help you to design an effective early years curriculum, building on the strengths and meeting the needs of the children you work with. It guides, but does not replace, professional judgement.

Development Matters - GOV.UK (

Standing In The Gap

Standing in the Gap is an Early Intervention Mental Health Charity, helping pre-school and primary aged children manage big emotions, such as fear, anxiety, anger and grief.

Standing in the Gap (


Eric offers a range of support and information for parents and carers. 

-Potty Training
- Constipation and soiling
- Daytime bladder problems
- Bedwetting

Parents and carers | ERIC

What to expect, when? 

Children develop and learn at different rates and in different ways. Their development is not neat and orderly!

What-to-expect-in-the-EYFS-complete-FINAL-16.09-compressed.pdf (


The communication charity

I CAN, the children's communication charity

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