What happens at our sessions   


We always offer a balance between adult led activities and child led play where the children are free to choose from all the resources on offer.  During every session we provide a Chattertime or Mathstastic activity to promote an aspect of learning or wellbeing. These groups help to promote communication and enhance personal social and emotional development. Every child is invited each session with an invitation to take part in one of these quick fun activities. 

We also get together in small Key person groups; this really helps to promote the relationship between the children and their Keyperson. We might play a board game, share a story or puzzle etc.

We also come together as a whole group at the end of each session. Our activities here vary too. We might sing together, dance, play instruments or act out a story together. We also use this time to share and celebrate together birthdays, special news and what we have enjoyed that session.

At Preschool we offer a free flow approach throughout the setting. The children are free to choose from all the activities and resources available, this maybe inside or outside with staff close by to support and promote their learning.

We go outside whatever the weather! We sometimes have outings around the village - a favourite is a trip to the local shop. We welcome visitors from the community to come and share experiences with the children.

Key Person System

Every child is allocated a member of staff as their key person. Their role is to work with parents and carers to ensure that every child's care is tailored to meet their individual needs, to help the child become familiar with Preschool and offer a settled relationship for the child and family. The Key Person also maintains records and monitoring of your child's progress and development and will share this information with you regularly. Over their first few sessions all staff will help children settle into Preschool and we observe which member of staff each child naturally forms an attachment to, and where possible that person will become the child's key person. This is the person you should speak to if you wish to discuss your child's progress or have any questions or concerns.

Class Dojo

We use an online platform to communicate with you information about your child’s day, things to remember, events, health advice and ideas to support play and learning at home. This is also where we record toileting/nappy changes, accidents, medication, behaviour, absences, and anything else we need you to know about your child when in the setting with us. You will also be able to message your child’s Keyperson and Senior staff through the messaging service and upload photos from home to your child’s portfolio to share with us.