Our morning session runs from 9am - 12 noon, afternoon session from 12.30 - 3.30pm.

We also provide a breakfast club from 7:45am, which is open to primary children as well as preschoolers, and a lunch club from 12 - 12.30pm.

Please note we are currently operating with slightly different times due to social distancing 

Drop off 8.50-9.10am

Am session collection 11.50am

Lunch Club collection and Pm session drop off 12.20pm

Pm Session collection 3.00-3.15pm

We operate Monday - Friday during school term time only, we do provide an optional Playscheme in the summer holidays - please enquire for more details.

For current session costs and availability please contact our Sessions Manager on 01295 816006 or

What happens at our sessions   


We always offer a balance between adult led activities and child led play where the children are free to choose from all the resources on offer.

During every session we provide a Chattertime or Mathstastic activity to promote an aspect of learning or wellbeing. These groups help to promote communication and enhance personal social and emotional development. Every child is invited each session with an invitation to take part in one of these quick fun activities.

At the end of each session we get together in small keyperson groups, this really helps to promote the relationships between the children, their keyperson and with their peers.

Every child is allocated a key person with us at Preschool, we prefer to allow children to settle before deciding, so we can see which staff member they form a natural attachment with.

Every session we will come together as a whole group. We might sing together, dance, do an obstacle course or yoga, play instruments or act out a story together. We also use this time to celebrate special events in the children's lives and what we have been enjoying that day.

At Preschool we offer a free flow approach throughout the setting. The children are free to choose from all the activities and resources available, this maybe inside or outside with staff close by to support and promote their learning.

We go outside whatever the weather! We sometimes have outings around the village - a favourite is a trip to the local shop. We welcome visitors from the community to come and share experiences with the children. Parents/carers are welcome to stay and play at any sessions with their child.