About Us

Our ethos at Kings Sutton Preschool

Is that we provide a safe, secure, and stimulating learning environment where all children can thrive, gaining in self-confidence and learning to socialise through quality play in our language rich environment. That all children are happy and settled and have a strong, warm attached to our team.

Our aim is to emphasise heavily on the prime areas set out in the early year’s foundation stage. Once these are secure, they allow for the firmest foundation for learning and development. We aim to provide a child lead environment which enables each child to develop at their own pace with their independence and social skills. Through interactive and practical activities, to reinforce and challenge a child’s existing skills, rather than to concentrate on formal learning.

At Kings Sutton Preschool we are passionate about safeguarding everyone and inclusion. We have created an environment that suits every child’s needs. Where communication aids are used by all, and sensory resources are part of our continuous provision. Differences are celebrated and embraced within the culture of our Preschool.

We offer our own premises, situated within the grounds of Kings Sutton Primary Academy School, with excellent resources, a range of equipment, large indoor and outdoor play areas, supervised by our fully trained, experienced, and dedicated staff team. We also have an additional sensory garden that we share access to with the primary school. Our team is constantly reflecting on their practice and striving to provide the best care. We are run by a wonderful voluntary committee that all work closely with the Preschool team.