Building News

Preschool currently operates in a temporary building, erected in the 1940s at the back of the Primary School site. Its single skin brick construction makes temperature control difficult, it has a leaking roof, accessibility issues, and needs modernising urgently. Our staff are clever and resourceful in managing the limitations of the inside and outside space; however the building is no longer fit for purpose and is also too small for the needs of our community.

The staff team and committee have worked in consultation with families to plan a complete renovation of the building. We are aiming to renovate, extend and modernise, making it a much more sustainable building, both financially and environmentally. An extension would also open up capacity to accommodate families in the village who really need and value this wonderful early years setting.

An exciting part of the plan is to create a secure, large garden at the back on currently unused land. This will give the children a wonderful outside space which will include a vegetable and herb garden, a sensory garden and of course, lots of room to play. We are very keen to start a Forrest School and the plan is to transform the space to encourage the children to really connect with nature every time they attend Preschool.

COVID 19 and Building Flood

As a result of Covid-19 the preschool building had been closed during lockdown. We had been starting to gear up for the building refurbishment this summer, however with the Covid 19 crisis, we presumed we would need to wait until next summer. Then, in mid-May staff went in to prepare for potentially re-opening and discovered the building had flooded from a burst water pipe in the existing kitchen area. The damage was extensive and devastating, not only to the contents but to floors, electrics and internal doors. We had been planning to modernise and refurbish the building next year. However, we are now in the process of completing some of the work needed this summer.

Phase 1 is currently underway and will cover repairing the flood damage, a new floor and new internal doors, internal insulation and making the building fully accessible. We are also creating the new garden space which is a critical part of the project given the continued reliance on outside space during the current crisis.

Phase 2 will get underway next summer and will extend the building, allowing an extra 10 children to attend per session. We are busy planning and fundraising for that part of the project and we know that this whole refurbishment will be a huge boost for our families and wider community and allow Kings Sutton preschool to continue to thrive.