Lunch Club

Lunch Club is an opportunity to socialise and talk about healthy eating and healthy practices, it is available whether your child is with us for just the morning or afternoon sessions or staying for the full day. 

We ask that you provide a named lunch box with a cooling block and that it contains healthy food and avoid too much sugar, salt and fat, please note no fizzy drinks are allowed, this is in keeping with school's recommendations so this is good preparation for school. Children are encouraged to start with savoury food. 

Please think about how much food you put in, too much can be overwhelming. We will send home any leftover food so you can see what has been eaten.

If you would like to add a toothbrush and toothpaste we will support your child in cleaning their teeth. 

If you wish your child to attend lunch clubs you need to book and pay for them in advance at the same time as you book your sessions, ask our staff for a form. 

Please drop off / collect your child from the Kitchen door. Lunch club costs £2.20 per session.

If you need additional adhoc sessions this may be possible but you will need to book it with staff at least 1 working day before, staff cannot accept cash on the day so extra sessions will be billed to you by our sessions manager.

Please drop off / collect your child from the Kitchen door.