Breakfast Club

A great start to the day!

Our breakfast club is for children attending either the Primary School or Preschool, children can be dropped off any time from 7.45am.

The session costs £4.70 per child over 3years and £5.00 per 2year old, and provides them with a healthy, nutritious breakfast, access to Preschool's great range of toys and activities led by our fantastic staff to ensure children have a great start to their school day.

Come 9 o'clock the primary-aged children are escorted safely across the playground to line up with their classmates ready to go into school.

Breakfast club sessions are booked and paid for in advance, in the same manner as our regular sessions are. Additional ad hoc attendance may be possible, but only if confirmed by a member of staff the previous school day. 

Please contact our Sessions Manager Sarah if you have any questions or would like to book.

Telephone: 01295 816 006