Our Committee


Chair - Emma Brock

Emma has two boys Jake and Logan. She runs a playgroup in Adderbury and also helps to organise our annual Scarecrow festival.

If you ever want to speak with her feel free to approach her at school pick up or drop off or email her at chair@kingssuttonpreschool.co.uk


Treasurer - Claire Watts


Secretary - Sally Sheply


Bex McDonald - Family Liaison

‘My role is to work alongside the families of the children at the preschool and to be the 'Parent's voice' on the committee. If you have a question, though or idea that you would like to express to the committee or staff but are unable to do so directly then please seek me out for a chat. I'm Noelle's Mum and am in the playground on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays. 

I'm also hoping to organise a few socials so we can get to know each other beyond 'the school run' so keep your eyes open for details about that.’


Bryan Bellamy - IT Consultant


Helen Street

Helen is in charge of the Fundraising committee and has worked for years raising money for our new premise campaign and organises our fabulous Scarecrow festival.


Other valuable Committee members:

Catherine Harnett

Tania Wilde

If you would like more information or to join our committee please contact our chair- chair@kingssuttonpreschool.co.uk