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Hundreds of people turned out for the sixth annual King's Sutton Scarecrow Festival held on the September 30th event and were entertained by dance groups, live music and, of course, scarecrows of all types.

This year’s theme was 'Childhood Days' and awards were given to scarecrows that embodied the theme. In total £4,100 were raised which will go towards a new building for the pre-school.

A massive thank you to everyone that helped on the day and to everyone that came along to support the preschool!

Toddlers are building it for themselves!

Our children are so eager for the new building to happen they are doing it themselves and have managed to raise a whopping £3152 by completing a sponsored brick race. We'd like to thank the King's Sutton Coffee Club and The Butcher's Arms Pub for their generous donations, as well as the many families and village residents who sponsored the children.


We're over half way!

Our two latest funding applications have been successful! 

We have been awarded a grand total of £127,462 from the New Homes Bonus Local Communities and Voluntary Sector Funds. Combined with previous monies raised this means we are now just over half way towards our target figure of £300,000 and we are well placed to achieve our goal of celebrating our 50th anniversary in 2019 in our new home !


New Homes Bonus Funding Bid Successful!

Our first funding application to the New Homes Bonus fund has been approved, £9365 has been ringfenced for our project! However the cost of a new building is more like £280,000 so there's still a long way to go, but money attracts money and this first grant will be a big help in securing further, larger, pots of money over the next few years.


Approval Given By Governors!

We are pleased to announce that permission has now been granted by the Primary Academy governors for Preschool to build a new premises within the school grounds. We had considered several other locations around the village, but remaining on the school site is by far the best option as this allows for continued close working between Preschool and Primary reception class, making the transition for our pupils as seemless as possible; it also helps parents on the school run and with our breakfast club service which many primary school families rely on.

An area of land to the east side of the school playing field has been identified as an ideal site for the new building as it will provide Preschool with its own direct public access gate and enable the primary academy the flexibility and space to develop their site at a later date should the need arise.


Building Design Underway

Proposals have been gathered from three educational building specialists, all of whom use a building technique called SIPs (Structural Insulated Panels). This building method allows much of the fabrication to be done offsite, meaning a complete new building can be installed onsite in 6-8 weeks, utilising school holidays to cause minimal disruption to the school environment. The committee and staff are currently reviewing these design proposals and adapting them to suit our exact requirements.

These proposals are all whats known as "turn key" packages, that means to say they are all inclusive, fixed-price quotes which cover all planning application fees, ground works, building materials, labour and finishings, and will leave us with a high-quality, environmentally sound building ready to move into. These initial quotes indicate that we will be looking to raise between £280,000 - £350,000 for the new premises.

So far we have identified potential grant sources for 50% of this total, and we will keep searching for more funding opportunities continuously. However, all of these funding bodies require us to demonstrate that we are:

  • At the heart of our local community, a vital service that is well supported 
  • Striving to raise funds independently, we need to provide "match funding" ie. money that is from another source - we cannot fund this purely by grants.